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I'm the Omnipotent Top GunThe Omnipotent One has been sick for the past few days, so I leave you with this pre-written post for today:

Grinning and Bearing the Teddy Bear - They're so innocuous. How scary can they be? Well apparently, pretty damn scary sometimes.

In Other Cute Costume News - Support the Pooches!

I'm Pressing Charges - The nerve of this guy trying to cash a bogus check against MY account!

The Age Old Question - Just say, "no dear" and move along. Nothing to see here, really, nothing.

Squirelly - And now under the Big Top...rodents on a rampage!

Because You Can Never Keep Too Much Around - Special order for Miss Hiromi! Austin is once again safe!

That's Gotta Hurt - Hell hath no fury like an arsonist scorned. (Tip of the flaming baton to Tits McGee)

That's Gotta Be Messy - Coffee, tea, or UUUUUUUH!

Damn You Kim Jong Il! - You can't trust those commie bastards alone for a minute!

Jenna Makes Call To Action - And that call would be...end AIDS research!

Desperate House Husbands - Now this is just gross.

George Gets Jiggy Wid It - George W. Bush, just keeping it mad phresh for democracy.

Vomit Rocket Launched - ...and on tonight's episode of Futureweapons!

Coitus Rejectus - Which was laid first, the chicken or the virgin? A lay of the omnipotent egg to AAG)

Zoolicious - You just gotta love an elephant playing the harmonica and dancing.

Trend Alert! - Will they stop at nothing in the pursuit of glossy perfection?

Rock the Fed! - Alan Greenspan, eat your heart out.

Because It's There - Sir Edmund Shortypants to tackle Everest. Film at 11.

Stick 'Em Up, Hand 'Em Down - It seems Darby O'Gill and the Little Latex Bustier People are on the prowl. (Tip of the Omnipotent Shamrock to Coyote).

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Friday, March 16, 2007

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