Randomness God Style

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking - Look for our ad under "salvation".

The Answers
- You've got questions, He has answers.

God Gets a SAG Card - Seems they'll let anybody into the union these days.

- Sticker on my deodorant, "If you still have your baseball card collection, you're a Mitchum Man." Perfect, now I can't even qualify as a deodorant user

Now There's a Surprise
- Rummy? An imbecile? Who knew?

There Are Waaaay Too Many Lawyers - "It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle." Ya think?

Love the Noo Doo - There are bad hair days and then there are weird hair days.

Cell Phone Call O'the Day - Just hang up the cell phone and DRIVE! (Tip of the Omnihat to Coyote)

Dr. Frank Speaks - Dr. Frank speaks about your wiener.

Oooo Daddy! - How come I can never find this stuff in the store?

On the Road Again - Fresh from her stay in rehab, Britney makes her triumphant return!

Why? - I prefer to grow my own, thank you.

I Challenge You to a Duel - Carrots and cell phones at 20 paces you dog!

Fox Newsapedia - A fair and balanced encyclopedia, setting the record straight one gross distortion at a time.

God Speaks! - Personally, I'm all about the New Testament, but some people are just uber-conservatives I guess.

Donkey Show - As Always Aroused Girl says, "Yawn, I've seen it." (Tip of the nip to Tits McGee)

Anti-Chick Magnet - Glenn Beck, world's worst wingman.

iGod - Repenting made easy.

Crustacean Christ - I'm not sure what the Big Guy has against shrimp cocktail, but I'm not serving at my next Christmas party.

Odds Godskins! - More Gods than you can shake a stick at.

Hide & Go Seeeeek! - That little something for the stalker you love.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Monday, March 05, 2007

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