All Hail Hiromistan

We are a benevolent deity. We go about the world righting wrongs and smiting those who deserve to be smitten. Occasionally, we take time out and pay homage to a particularly deserving blogger. Today, that blogger is Hiromi X.

We are proud to say we heartily endorse the recent birth of a new republic, the People's Republic of Hiromistan. By our holy command, we beseech all who believe in Poobah and goodness to salute the flag of this proud young republic and hail its leader in inestimable Hiromi X.

Flag Facts:
  • The red background symbolizes the terrible might of those scorned.
  • The blue and white seas symbolize the tranquility to be discovered.
  • The bird symbolizes freedom taking wing.
  • And the mixer is the symbol of culinary excellence and the personal marque of Hiromi X.


Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, February 22, 2007

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