We Shall Rise Above

Given the depths of yesterday shenanigans in the House of Representatives, we're finding ourselves worked into a mighty lather. We carefully considered blogging on the utter contempt the Repugnants seem to have for the country in general and the soldiers in Iraq in particular.

But then, we thought better of it.

We watched the clip of Congresswoman Schmidt again and realized that if we were to unleash the entirety of our mighty and omnipotent rath, the landscape on the Republican side of the aisle would probably resemble the scorched war zone they so zealously cling to.

Instead, we are going to let our cooler side prevail. We don't want to sink to the same depths as those who mock the truth. We will rise above the petty swiftboating of an authentic American hero. We will try to be reasonable with those who clearly are not. In short, we will not be asshats of the same magnitude as the odious Denny Hastert and his many stooges. It is as undignified for a Deity such as myself as it is for the President, Vice President, and a good number of lower political lights to sling this stinking mud. We will have no part of it - at least for today.

Instead, here is a sample of a spam e-mail I recently received. It's spam trap avoiding language forms a sort of poem that we think is quite appropriate for the crazy days in which we live.

You will be able to find us in our Zen place for the remainder of the day as we meditate on it's lyrical meaning and calm our fevered nerves. Please enjoy the sheer beauty of machine-created poetry:

Are You Ignoring Me? Sixtieth Confession of Perfect Replicas

May bullrush the ratify! Saloonkeeper may Cyrus.
It's sort and chlorate
and may bedspread try Gary!

Dusseldorf! -
not found in doggone.

May bungalow be Benny, be flirtation
it's capillary on count
on skyline
and capillary be Laurence!

or Zealous!
Some dunce a gorge in Din!

Try ambling be mezzanine,
be whoa on Vermont.
Speed up a balsa on neoprene.

Dangle, but threshold it.


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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, November 19, 2005

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