Nuff Said?

It appears as though there is some momentum toward pushing Shrub and the Big Dick off dead center and toward doing something about the fetid cesspool we find ourselves buried in (Oh, we're sorry. We're not referring to the torture mess, war profiteering mess, or the abortion debate mess. We're talking about Iraq.) . Unfortunately, it seems to be pushing them the opposite way.

Former Democratic Hawk and soon to be Swift Boat Veteran Victim, Rep. John Murtha, threw his considerable bulk behind a call for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. The Big Guy tearily said publicly what anyone with half a brain was already thinking, "Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency." Islamic insurgents "are united against US forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence. It's time to bring them home."

The response, more faux moral indignation from the Prez and Veep - along with a smack from Scott McClellan who threw in a line about taking positions to the left of Michael Moore. Denny Hastert even came out from under the rock where he's been picking grubs and said, "Murtha and the Democratic leaders have adopted a policy of cut and run. They would prefer that the United States surrender to the terrorists who would harm innocent Americans. To add insult to injury, this is done while the president is on foreign soil."

Uh, Denny? Heeeelllloooo! We're more worried about the soldiers who are on foreign soil risking their fine young necks. The President? Not so much.

Not to be outdone, the decorated, former Marine replied, "I like guys who got five deferments and [have] never been there and send people to war, and then don't like to hear suggestions about what needs to be done." Hmm, we wonder who he could be referring to? Someone on foreign soil perhaps? Someone with a pacemaker?

It's that last bit that Big John threw in that really frosts our mug. The administration is full to the brim with raving chickenhawks who couldn't be bothered to support the last war they thought we needed because they had pressing business elsewhere - like running oil companies into the ground. We're sure that now that the rhetoric is ratcheting up we'll hear the White House begin lecturing on not rewriting the history of how the young Bush was a fantastic war hero who missed out on combat only because his pleas to be sent directly to the front armed with nothing but a knife and tin cup were ignored by Texas Air National Guard officials who insisted he stay in Texas and have a root canal.

Cheney's defense will be, "Yeah. What he said."

We're a veteran. One who thankfully was never sent to a war, but one who would have gone if ordered, because that is what you do when you are in the military. You follow orders and you trust that the civilians in charge are not a bunch of moronic loons who wouldn't know the true dangers of war if an insurgent snuck up and smeared falafel over them. On that score, the troops are being done more of a disservice than a whole army of yellow-bellied twits who hide behind their podiums and lob epithets at decorated Marines.

We believe it's true shame that respectful difference in opinion and old fashioned civility have left the political stage. A true shame! But sometimes you must say what needs saying, and that is exactly what Big John did with his call for withdrawal. We'd like to say what we think needs to be said too. In a voice that is commensurate with the importance of the issue:

"George! Wipe that shit-eating, fratboy grin off your face and shut your AWOL, combat-dodging trap. And while you're at it, stuff a sock in that deferment-loving asshole's mouth who works for you! People are dying you dipshit. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

Nuff said?

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, November 17, 2005

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