If You Can See Their Lips Moving

It turns out the old saying, "if you see their lips moving they must be lying" may be literally true in the current political climate. Each day there is a new charge, followed by a new defense, followed by new holes blown in the defense by white phosphorous rockets. Let's face it. There have been some world class liars in Washington - Republican and Democrat alike - but it takes a special talent to dig a hole so big for yourself that it even out-classes out $6000 sewage hole.

See, here's the thing about lies - they always come back to
bite you in the ass. Although little lies can sometimes land you in hot water, the general rule of thumb is that the bigger the lie, the harder the bite. This is being demonstrated on a near-daily basis as a result of some of the whoppers we've been told over the past five years.

But why do they never learn?
People of power have seen this Karmic merry-go-round twirl for centuries, yet they still saddle up and make a misguided grab for the silver ring.

Torture? Nah, never did it.

Go to war? Well, yeah we did, but we did it all for the right reasons.


So what do you do?

We wish we knew. We can keep on their asses. We can seize the moral and Constitution high ground and object with all our might. But, in the end, it will have to be the liars who must change their habits. And therein lies the problem.

Liars, like alcoholics, almost
never admit they have a problem.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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