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We're suffering from another bout of Short Attention Span Syndrome today. Physiologically unable to muster the attention for a wholehearted blog, we instead substitute this halfhearted posting:

Poobah Makes News in SD, Rita Cosby Reports - We'd like to thank Epp Law Report for picking up on our recent posting about MSNBC News Doyen Rita Cosby. Anything we can do to rid the populace of her carefully sculpted image is a big plus. We shouldn't complain too loudly though, we've gained a significant amount of traffic from Natalie Holloway groupies looking for fresh meat on their story.

Deer, Oh Deer - There seems to have been an unusual number of deer running amok and going aafter everything from stupid hunters to dogs. We're beginning to wander what's gotten into Bambi. Now this.

First It Was a Chinese Finger Trap, Now This - It seems the Chimp-in-Chief suffered yet another indignity on his China excursion. While trying to escape reporters, he tried to leave the room...through a locked door! We suppose in his parlance he could best be described as, "not the sharpest tool in the shed."

Lost Doonesburies Exhumed - Several yanked episodes of the comic strip Doonesbury have appeared in Slate. The strips were originally drawn about the Miers nomination, but became outdated as her resignation moved faster than the strips. Enjoy!

Fine Job Brownie, er, Donnie - Proving that ex-FEMA director Michael Brown wasn't the only impediment in the Katrina mess, things apparently aren't getting much better. Walking into the shitstorm is a new crony, Donald Powell. With a strong disaster recovery background as head of the FDIC (?!), Powell is described as, "a tall, low-key Texan who wears a cattleman's belt with a lone star under his suit." Obviously, sartorial expertise is greatly prized by the White House. It also makes us wonder what else he's got under his suit.

Stupid is as Stupid Does - In another bit of proof that Darwinism doesn't always work, an elderly man, his son-in-law, and their wives are recovering after a rocket launcher exploded as they were working on it in the basement. Since deer apparently are running amok. Perhaps they were just getting ready for a little hunting trip.

Onward Political Soldiers - Laura Bush was asked during the China trip whether she would object if the twins terrible, Barbara and Jenna, decided they'd like to go into politics. She answered no. Unasked was whether she'd also have no objections to them serving in Iraq. We would guess the answer would be a little different.

Beiseker, Alberta Selects Skunk for Mascot - The town of Beiseker, Alberta recently selected a skunk as the town mascot. While we're sure it fits well for the small town in the Canadian hinterland, it would also be a great mascot for Washington. No doubt there is plenty to stink things up in that burg.

Tonight on Cops! - We've always loved reading the police blotters in small, local newspapers. Here's a perfect example.

And if you're interested, the Poobah has been having a,, dialog with Dread Pundit Bluto, a self-described, "lone buccaneer (who) raises his cutlass against the scurvy dogs of the vast, left-wing media conspiracy. Yarr." If you stop by though, be nice. We wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea about people on the left."

Until next time...

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Monday, November 21, 2005

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