Intelligently Designed Randomness

Another Cell Phone Scourge - Hang up the damn cell phone and fly the plane!

Anal Retentive Workers - There's kissing up and then there's kissing up in a BIG way.

Self-Propelled Rocky - Rocket J. Squirrel goes low-tech on self-propulsion.

She Needs to Get Out More - She be woikin' them feminine ways.

Screeeeeeeeeeeam! - Somehow pedaling takes some of the thrill away.

Hey Karl, You Need One of These - Karl Rove needs one of these. Destroy evidence and stay green. Kudos on reducing that carbon footprint Karl!

That Just Fries My Ass - Japanese crapper technology goes awry! Hundreds injured. Film at 11!

How the Mighty Have Fallen - Another exciting episode on the secret lives of retired Rolling Stones.

That She Blows! - I hate it when that happens.

Who Would Jesus Call - Hey catholics, time for confession? Just call it in.

Dick's Been Giving Shooting Lessons Again - The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight is apparently being guarded by the G-Men Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.

Eye-Kea or E-Kay-Uh? - Somehow, the sale at Ikea when terribly awry.

Which Is Worse? - I don't know what's sadder, that he built it or that he plays it. R.I.P., Don Ho.

Unclear On the Concept - This seems a little counter-intuitive to me. Maybe that's why they discontinued it.

Strangely Compelling - Lay down a funky beat with those funky pits.

There He Goes Again! - And this interview is surprising, how?

A Prohetable Career - That Jesus! He was one damn good capitalist. (Tip of the omnipotent chapeau to Hiromi)

Just Go See - Some of the best photography I've seen in joke...just go see it.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, April 21, 2007

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