Randomness XL Style

I've come home early today to be with you, my loyal readers. I also came home because I'm tired and this is my tenth consecutive day of work. I will have tomorrow off, but then will pick up again on Friday and continue for another 14 uninterrupted days. After that, we'll see. Someone has to make the Bush economic miracle real - it's just incredibly sad it must be me.

So having few fully functional brain cells left, I will take the usual cop-out of the scattered brains among us and introduce yet another scintillating edition of Randomness XL Style.

So Perky, Yet So Kinky - You saw her here, roasting the Thanksgiving bird in a sports bra and apron, but it looks like Mr. Rachael Ray may be dressing her in a different sort of costume

OH, SHUT THE @*)%^&$%^$ UP! - Janice, over at Cow Hampshire, was kind enough to put us onto this site. From what I can tell, this one's infinitely more eloquent and erudite than the real thing and it definitely answers the question, "Which is smarter, man or machine?" Well, smarter than this man anyway.

Behold Rodin's Flinging Children at Daybreak! - I have to admit that statues of old guys on horseback and naked guys contemplating their feet aren't my sculptural cup of tea, but these? These are statues I could get behind - provided they get a high rating.

T-Giving at the Cheney's - The Big Dick likes to go off for the occasional drunken hunting trip, so it got us wondering if maybe Lynne will be cooking up some Old Republican Donator brisket this Thanksgiving. We hear the Dick is partial to the cajun flavor.

Vee Haff Vays Uf Makink You Laff - I once had a boss who was dubbed the Commandant of Fun because of her penchant for giggles when they were least appropriate. Now, it appears, we'llsoon have a whole nation of Tittering Teutons.

Aw Grandma, Not Again - My own dear grandmother was an inmate at a state hospital, but I have to say that even in her psychotic moments, she couldn't top this old gal.

Snip, Snip, Snip - There are many things that boys like to do in large groups. I bet this is not one of them.

This Brief, Calming Interlude Courtesy of the Poobah - Need to relax? We do. And when we do, we stop here.

Unclear on the Concept - I'm sure this took all kinds of technical wizardry - probably some of it produced by geeky guys who spend too much time at International Federation of Trekkers meetings - but doesn't it just defeat the whole purpose?

The Spam Strikes Back - You've seen all those emails from Mattie Gongo or Hortense Horseradish, you might as well join the fun. Just don't run afoul of Johnny Law.

Those Clever Irish - Never underestimate the power of a stout Irishman, a power saw, and a pint of Guinness. Tip of the hat to Coyote for the laugh.

Miz Scarlett Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies - What more can I say? Lovin' like cats and dogs.

Changing a Baby Isn't All Spritz and Glory - Another in a long line of things I wish I'd thought of first. Moms and Dads, take note.

The Day Bambi's Mom Rose From the Dead - Put away the hankerchieves, everything turned out OK for Bambie and Mom after all.

Signs the Internet is Becoming Too Powerful - Flickr is dead! Long live Flickr!

The Power of Selling Nothing - That's cute and all, but didn't your clients get mad when you delivered this instead of the consulting report they hired you for?

Darwin May Not Be Right, But He Gets Even - Apparently, Virgin Marys and toast-born Jesuses no longer corner the market on odd stain sightings. Take that Creationism!

Hey Babe...Buy Ya a Drink? - I'd guess that if you need a class in this sort of stuff, you probably aren't the chick magnet you think you are.

Beer + Glasses = Big Fun - Cap'n, are ye' on the lookout fer a set o'these on yer fair vessel?

Nice Place, But Not Much Curb Appeal - I just love a place full of interesting little knick-knacks, don't you?

I'll Blow in Your Ear and Then Bite It - This was an unbelievably great story that unfortunately turned out to be a rumor. What the hell, let's spread it anyway, that's what rumors are for.

Come On, Just One More for the Information Superhighway! - Finally, a contest that memorializes the greatness that was Foster Brooks. No more fitting a memorial could any man imagine...(hick).

Preaching to Someone Other Than the Choir - There's hell, and then there's hell.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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