No Brain Randomness

Momentous events, too momentous to grasp after a long and confusing day when I screwed the pooch with a big mistake and was hectored at every turn. So, on with a no-brainer post - more randomness:

Care to Take a Stroll? - I'm sure the true believers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will claim otherwise, but could this be an example of Darwinism on the march?

Bass-O-Matic Makes Triumphant Return - Every bar needs one of these. Gimme a frozen margarita, extra nuts and bolts please.

Hopefully, They'll Throw 'Em at Sensenbrenner - They reaaaaaally know how to have fun in America's Dairyland. Thanks and a tip o'the miter to Cow Hampshire.

Tipping the Cow Fantastic... - It's sinister. It's graphic. It's chilling. It's...COW ABDUCTION!

Not So Weird - This is one of those things that isn't so much weird as it is cool and kinda of endearing. So is this. This makes me want to play a quick game of "I'm crushing your head!"

Eurocash Turns Into Eurocrap - They may make fine cars in Europe, but their money? Not so much.

Yes Officer, That's Him - Stupid smirk. Sounds like he's chewing cowshit. Tries to get cash by turning the gun on himself. Yup, it must be him!

Turnabout is Fair Play - Letter carriers can do it, why not the local wildlife. Behold the squirrel who went postal!

Thou Shalt Not Put Yourself Out - Too tired to put yourself out? Fatima, Portugal not convenient this year? Come on down! We offer double frequent prayer points with every booking.

Always Low Prices! - A great place for the thrifty terrorist to shop.

Dancin' to the Groove - Those crazy CPAs sure do know how to have a good time, don't they?
The Vagina Monologues by the Labial Literati (NSFW) - I love a personal letter, don't you?

Hamhocks? World Peace? - Imagine some pork with your side-order of whirled peas.

So Soft, So Fluffy, So Tasty - Lock up the kittens, the Big Dick is out hunting again!

Obligatory K-Fed/Britney Post - Britney tells K-Fed, "Eat me!".

Cops Yokohama - "Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do, watcha do when they're raw for you?"

Meet George Jetson - And there's a really cool place for Judy and Elroy to hang out with their friends!

HIIIIIII YAH! - This guy sounds suspiciously like the Beverly Hills Ninja.

It Lifts and Separates - Forget about that pair of socks you roll up and stick down your pants. Get a real faux schvantz! Autographed by Commander Codpiece at a small additional charge.

Ummm, Strawberry - Man takes a lick and keeps on skipping. BTW, I always thought the righties tasted better, but everyone has a favorite.

Sure She Did - New York cop eats meatballs and exclaims, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing...Hey! Dude! Look at the pretty colors!"

Foolish White People With Tattoos - It looks sooo cool, but it says, "Kick me!" in Mandarin. Who knew?!
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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, November 09, 2006

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