Halloween Randomness

Omnipotent Note: Omnipotent though we may be, we aren't completely free of the secular, earthbound tribulations of sinus headaches. Apologies for the hiatus of our usual blogging, but it took two days to get rid of the damned thing and I still feel a tad groggy. Hence, "easy posting day".


It Changes the Whole Dynamic of the Election - Ahnold is breathing a sigh of relief that his arch rival for California governor - no, not the charismatically-challenged Phil Angelides - has dropped out of the race. Perhaps Gary Coleman will reconsider a run.

Perfect for Your Little Suicide Bomber - Have an absolutely explosive time this Halloween!

I'd Buy It - If only these things were narrow enough to fit down a grocery store isle, I'd buy one.

Scary Movie - Flash is a wonderful thing.

Lords of Logistics - Third World people taking the concept of "multi-tasking" one step too far.

Roadside R.I.P. - Bob Fuller has perfected the dicey marriage of drunk driving victims and consumerism while demonstrating once again that there's a niche for everyone and everything on "the Internets".

Dear God, Stop the Madness! - Cartoon splooge to star in animation festival. Medical units told to be ready for nausea outbreak. Film, er, cartoons at 11.

Chef Boy-ar-Dee Speaks Out - You might expect the Flying Spaghetti Monster to engender some ruffled feathers, but the language! Does Jesus know what comes out of those Christian mouths? Hand me that communion wafer made of soap.

The Big Book of Venom - Author, attorney, and general gadabout, Gerry Spence takes on the Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power. After reading all that crap, I can't see how the man sleeps at night.

How Come This Never Happens at Check E. Cheese? - One of the things I most hated about parenting a young child was the occasional trip to Chuck E. Cheese. They had these things, but I never struck upon this idea. If more grandparents had turned the kids loose with tokens, maybe more of them would have ended up in these fine sound-proof chambers.

Shouldn't You Be Out Burning CDs Someplace? - Christians + Rock = Unlistenable Crap. There's a reason Christian rock never really caught on with the mainstream. Clearly, these boys aren't Stryper. And, they're gay to boot.

Apparently Real Estate Hasn't Gone Bust Everywhere - You're going to hell.com - and it'll only cost you a cool mil - a "hell" of a bargain at any price.

Are Those Things Real? - Katherine Harris and the joys of a Brazilian. It must be the Character Counts calendar.

Sreeeeeeeeeeam! - That wax Jerry Falwell scared the hell out of me. And did you see the Pat Robertson ghoul? He looked so pasty and lifelike.

Dream Ticket? - Another actor decides to throw his hat into the political ring. Are we one constitutional amendment away from an Ahnold/Alec 2008 ticket? Slogan: Vote Arnold and Alec, Talent Clearly Doesn't Matter!

MyNword - Apparently you're just a nobody unless you have a MySpace place to call home. Introducing Niggaspace.

Float Like a Democan, Sting Like a Republicrat - US Elections have gotten increasingly venomous lately, but at least no one came to blows - until now.

Rules? Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules - You've heard about them, now read them from the um...horse's....um...horse's ass.

Like Ten Cats Being Raped, You Say That Like It's a Bad Thing - Let's have a Divalicious sing-along! Just follow the bouncing boobs, er, ball.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, October 28, 2006

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