The Boy in the Bubble Emerges

The Boy in the Bubble has apparently decided to emerge from his. Many see this as a sign that he's finally learned a hard lesson. I think it's just a sign that he understands his own bubble is bursting and he needs a new place to hang out until he shuffles off to the George Dubya Bush Presidential Lie-bary and Bait Shop for the last time.

The Bubble-Head-in-Chief has never been one to listen to advice from those outside his inner circle. The few dissenting voices that emerge are usually crushed in pogroms Joe Stalin would admire. To keep him safe, Big Dick organizes crack teams of TSA Agents to collect all sharp objects before cabinet meetings. "We have to be aggressive. We have to fight them over there to keep him safe over here," Cheney snarls. "I'm not going to have a disaster happen on my watch."

Um, Dick? Too late.

The good folks of the Gulf Coast know this "too little, too late" behavior all too well. George always waits until something builds a fire under him before he acts. And when he does, it's more likely than not to involve more fluff than substance.

No, Mr. Bubble simply sees irrefutable evidence that his hubris-filled reign is about to burst. He has to placate the Right - can we all say Gay Marriage - and his once-healthy base of moderates, which has shrunk to a handful of true believers hunkered down in the Bunker with George until the bitter end.

Dub says he's been born again in the new religion of "openness" because he's had several meetings with dissenters. He's been described as engaged in the meetings - insofar that he's ever engaged with anything. The dissenters claim their advice was being listened to, but I'm not so sure.

His recent meeting with a few members of the Gang of Generals was an odd affair. First, no one was permitted to talk except the Generals, and of course, George. The large group of in-house advisors who recommended this mess to begin with only took notes. The quiet from this generally strident group seems contrived, but the sudden silence wasn't the only oddity. Arriving late, and taking a seat in the back with the other proles, was our favorite turd, Blossom. Karl trying to look inconspicuous only made the GOP Elephant in the room appear that much bigger than life.

Perhaps I'm a cynic, but this new openness looks more like a recon mission than a conversion to enlightenment. It's hard to believe that a man who's spent six years painting himself into a corner with astonishing thoroughness is ready to emerge from the bubble and stay there. It's much more likely that the notes Turd Blossom, et al were taking will form the basis of yet another list of empty, back assward campaign phrases designed to entice the rats back onto the sinking ship.

I hope the opposite is true, but I'm not holding my breath. I prefer life to a purple-skinned, struggling death.

Remember, it's not like dissenting opinions have been subtle or hard to find. George can look at the protesters at the White House gates on almost any day to hear and see them. I'm pretty sure most of these people would be happy to offer some unvarnished advice.

I'll believe his openness when the meetings stop and the action begins. There are many who would carp about my reluctance, but I'd answer that if he hadn't stupidly squandered all his "political capital" with addlebrained decisions and incompetence, I'd be more disposed to listening now.

I believe respect for the President must be earned, just as my respect must also be earned. Lord Bush and his Cabal will get mine when they prove deserving and not a moment sooner. And that takes action, not long-winded meetings that mean nothing.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, June 03, 2006

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