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Work is the Devil's Plaything

It's our first full day back to work after a year-long hiatus. It confirms our notion that work is one of the worst inventions ever created by mankind. It hasn't been all that bad, but there are about 16,783 things we would have rather been doing.

Just sayin', that's all.

I'm Innocent Until I Prove You Guilty

The Big Dick, capping off a week of near-murder and shotgun-borne mayhem, has just given us all a tiny peak into what his legal strategy will be if he is ever brought to justice...on just about anything we'd wager. Write an executive order and declare yourself innocent. He seems to think it's going to work when Scooter rats him out like the conniving dog he is.

Pondering Posts

As we made the rounds of blogger buddies this evening we noticed more than a few have melancholy posts today. Miz Bohemia writes about a death too close. Quietly Making Noise ponders the incarcerated. At Knock Knock, Mary wonders where God's gotten to these days. And, Hiromi finds herself exposed.

Even though these are all stunningly good posts, here's to hoping everyone will cheer up soon.

I Said PEZ! Not FEZ!

A few weeks back on Belle of the Brawl we mentioned to the Pez Girls (DDDragon and Tan Lucy Pez) that there is a Pez Museum here in the Bay Area. We finally got around to looking at their site. Pretty interesting.

I once had a roommate who collected Coca Cola memorabilia. His collection grew so large and distinguished that the Coca Cola Museum now consults with him on many things Coke. Not that there is a big tie-in here, but junk food does make the world go around.

Shameless Plug for Weirdities

It might be the CIA Kid's Page, a post about the Secret Lives of Goat Parasites, or an eBay offer of a 100% mink penis muffler (with stand no less), but there is a niche for everyone along the information superhighway (geez, I haven't heard that since Al Gore used to say it). We pull together the 10 best each day in Weirdity, that little feature over there in the side bar.

Take a look. They really are weird. Even that one - especially that one - about Justin Timberlake's embarrassing tattoo.

And now, we bid you a big omnipotent adieu.

BTW, we've been asked to play guest editor over at Bring It On tomorrow, but it is just a copy of yesterday's post. So don't get all excited or nothin', just stop by and read everyone else.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, February 16, 2006

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