Mea Culpa Update

As promised in my posting yesterday, we submitted the "Goddamn piece of paper" quote to both Snopes and Capitol Hill Blue.

Snopes returned a nice automated e-mail saying they will read the mail, but not promising an answer. Our take is that we most likely won't get an answer, but one can always hope.

The editors at Blue replied in less than 24 hours, which in this day and age of poor service and carelessness, is quite remarkable. This is their reply verbatim:

"If the story were not true we would not have published. We a’re a news site, not a fiction one, a blog or a bulletin board.

Our sources requested anonymity and we do not burn our sources.

Thanks for writing."

So there you have it. They stand by the quote. We have no specific reason to doubt them, but neither have we been able to confirm via an independent source.

We're going to thank the editors at Blue for replying so quickly, but we'll stick to our retraction now in case we are wrong. We'd rather err on the side of truth than to smear people at the drop of a hat like the Bushies. I would encourage them to do the same in the future, although I have little reason to believe they will.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Hopefully, we suceeded in taking the high road by copping to a possible mistake. It's nice to see that many of you believe that road is the right one.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, December 22, 2005

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