Fight Theocracy, Be a Randomist

Atheist Analysis - If God made everything in the world, did he make atheists too?

Save the Simians - It's silly, but someone has to watch out for our simian, Dr. Z?

Offering Her Flower - Sure, Always Aroused Girl (NSFW) test-drives sex toys and writes about her amorous adventures, but her flora photos are the bee's knees!

Campaign 2008 - Even though Bill blazed the trail for this (NSFW), let's hope Hillary doesn't make the same offer during her campaign.

What's Next? - What's next, Broccoli Coke?

"We're Here to Pomp You Up!" - It also comes in a Schwarzenegger autographed model. But, there is a danger if you use steroids.

Flush Your Cares - There's something strangely arousing about this.

Hotter Than Gazpacho - OK girls that's enough snickering in the back there.

Run Stinky, Run! - Yeah, but will it need a rhinoplasty one day?

God's Everywhere You Want to Be - Your purchases earn points so the pontiff can buy new shoes or see Harry Potter, Revenge of the Nerds.

1001 Uses for a Stray Cat - Wouldn't locking them up be easier?

Eeeeew! - Remember that time you syphoned some gas out of your tank and sucked too hard? (H/T to Tits McGee)

They'll Always Have Baghdad - Was Wolfie kicked to the curb?

Tree Victim of Bicycle Crash - Clear the Path! George has been out cycling again.

Homeland Insecurity - These are the people guarding our streets and these are the people they're guarding us from.

I'm a Little Bit Rock & Roll - Time sure flies. It's already been a half century, yet it seems like so much more.

Ahhh, the Stench of It - Next Up, Britney Spears Rancid, a heady mixture of sweat, cigarette smoke, stale diapers, bikini wax, and tequila.

Attention Mitt Romney Supporters! - A little sumpin' sumpin' for the lil lady. (H/T Gangstas & Hugs)

Useless Invention #1316 - Why?

People Will Steal Anything That Isn't Nailed Down - This is obviously not a lesbian wanting to have kids.

How Much is the Placenta in the Window? - The testicle of a right whale is to a midsized car like a human eyeball is to a male polar bear.

We Must Eat Them Over There Before We Have to Eat Them Over Here - George called and wants his freedom fries back.

Honest, I Was Just Self-Medicating - Yeah. I'm not buyin' it.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, May 26, 2007

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