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Laura B. Fights Back - Slap some tits on her and she could pass for Dolly Parton. (H/T to Debsweb)

That God Sure Knows His Houses
- I may not believe in God, but he sure can put up some fancy digs.

As If The Real Things Weren't Scary Enough - A rogue's gallery so strange you might find them in a video game.

OMG! I'm My Mother! - Fearing becoming your mother seems to be more a female thing, but here's help for any gender. And if you don't want to cut the, er, strings...

Take a Chill Pill - Or any other kind of pill for that matter. If the insurance companies and drug companies get a load of this, there'll be hell to pay in Drugtowne.

Ted is My Copilot - Certainly the best teddy bear project I've ever seen. We're even prepared for the eventuality the plushies might crash.

I Wonder Where They Go When You Flush? - Yes, I admit to a tiny little obsession with urinals. It might be the increasing amount of time I spend in them as I get older...or it could be how much I love the smell of urinal cakes in the morning. TMI?

Holy Burritos Cap'n! - One can never have too many burritos nor too many places to store said burritos.

Little People in Space - There are a plethora of reasons to love local TV commercials and this is one.

Lesbian PSA - And now, presented for the benefit of our lesbian readers...

Why Do They Do It? - Because they can.

Buy the NEW Swiffer! - Have dog, will mop dust. Handy as a throw rug too.

Froggie Goes A'Hoppin' - It's a French site...get it? Frogs? French? Aw, come on. That's hillfrickenlarious!

YIKES! - If I see one of these babies, I'm not hanging around to take pictures. There's aliens in them damn things!

Break Out the Red Noses - Bush is a bigger joke, but then he doesn't mean to be. Parump-puhm.

Seven Cum Eleven - I'll never be able to get a Slurpee again.

Why? - Another product in search of a market. Make that two. No, make it three. Oh hell, let's just go for an even four. OMG, there's more!

Carpal Tunnel Anyone? - "The next one who calls me a secretary instead of administrative assistant is gonna get a March 6, 2007 between their eyes. I've got talent you know."

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Friday, May 18, 2007

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