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Shout the Power! - Maybe Condi could use this idea as the basis of some sort of power-sharing agreement with the Syrians. (H/T to Tits McGee)

Pomp and Circumcision - Rumors have it several Regent University grads did their undergraduate studies here. They submitted their SATs using this. (H/T to Konagod)

Hirsute Hounds - Great site, but the Albanian dude looks like he may need a little remedial training in differentiating canines and felines.

Piffle on Palfrey - Now that the DC Madam is laying off the girls, maybe some of them can get hired here. If not, there's always the streetwalker route. (H/T to Coyote Angry)

Who Woulda Thunk It? - I'm sticking with my original opinion. I don't care what Cracked Magazine says.

Asswipes for an Asswipe - Honey! Do you want me to pick up some more at the store?! I hear she's coming out with Tampons for Traitors in retaliation.

Counter-Intuitive Smog - If the air is bad for you, where did the guy get the lung power to blow this thing up. Huh? Well? Gotcha there, didn't I? HA!

Signs of the Times - And not a Poobah symbol among 'em. I smell a discrimination suit coming on...

White Men Really Can't Dance - Raise the roof y'all! The apparently can't recite the Pledge of Allegiance either.

War is Sexy - Even the country music fans are getting the hint.

Here She is, Miss Drom-e-dar-y! - Where's Burt Parks when you need him?

She's Also Creating a Line of Humidors - The perfect bag for that young intern on the go. (H/T to Cap'n Dyke)

FREEBIRD! FREEBIRD! - Good music. Not much of a stage presence though.

Clearly Not the Iron Chef - She's beginning to rethink that leg of lamb she had for dinner last night.

I Was Just Surfing for a Massage, Honest! - Stick 'em, not THAT one!

In Honor of the Running of the Roses - "Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky homo!

Teutonic Temper Tantrum - I think it's about time Mom had this kid start watching a little TV instead.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, May 05, 2007

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