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Where Yugo, They Go - The poor little Yugo. At a time when crappy cars were the height of fashion, these little Yugoslavian beauties out-crapped them all. They may make a poor means of transportation, but they're apparently good for all sorts of other stuff - oddly, all of which are stationary.

And They Want to Know Why People Think California is Crazy - Last time she was up against the Gropenator (and we don't mean in that way) and Gary Coleman. This time, the Austrian Crapweasel is back, but no sign of angry little black men. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next Governess of California (NSFW)!

Darth Vader is a Nasty Little Boy - Some people can just never let go of this whole Star Wars thing (NSFW).

Star Wars IX: Tool of Satan - Really, we mean it. Some people can just never just let go of this whole Star Wars thing.

Just the Thing for Betty Boop's Bambino - Art deco style. Fender skirts like a '57 Caddy. Trick the tyke out in style baby!

Step Away From the Hedgehog - Dude! Just think about Phyllis Diller.

Desperation Meets the Mother of Invention - Well...Um...But...You just have to read this to appreciate the vast plethora of possibilities.

It's Methane Woman - Sometimes you just can't pass up a good fart joke.

A Man was Walking Down the Street - A man was walking down the street and a hoodlum popped a cap on his ass. If it hadn't been for one of these, the bullet would have gone right through.

I Love the Smell of Meat in the Morning - Philbert Suggs is a man with a vision, a hunger for life if youo will and he looks mighty fine in that Elvis suit too.

Never Watch Someone Make Sausage - Sure, it's "all about the slaw", but I bet Philbert likes his au naturel.

Well, Now That You Mention It - Gents, no need to look. We all know the answer to this age-old question.

Them Dang Texans'll Ett Anythang - Just another way to throw up before you get on the roller coaster.

Driver's License Photos From Hell - And yet none of them seem to have the dreaded "red-eye" so common in flash photos. How very unintentionally Diane Arbus of them.

So Is It Chicken of the Sea or a Finite Barrier Quantum Well? - Britney Spears saw all the grief Jessica Simpson got for her Chicken of the Sea dippiness and decided to go back to night school to avoid the same fate. Viola! The new Britney! (With a tip o' the hat to our favorite scientist TJ).

The Pirate With Alzheimers - Arrr, yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day an it slipped me mind like ah launch cut adrift in ah storrrrm. Beggin' yer pardon Cap'n, but tis it too late ta send a few more o' tha crew yer way?

Bring it On!

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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