More Randomness

Yet more randomosity:
  • NOMIGOD! NOOOOO! - I suppose this was bound to happen. After all, they did change the name of Washington National Airport to Reagan National. Viagra/Oxycondin Airport would have been a truer choice though.

  • Art in a Bag - Take one huge plastic bag, an amazing amount of water, and combine with people willing to get inside. The images are erotic in a, "I want to be back in the womb, Mommy" sort of way. (SFW)

  • A Godsend for the Department of Homeland Insecurity - The boys over at DHS can give up on the duct tape and plastic sheeting and buy a gajillion of these new fangled (circa 1940) gadgets for when the big anthrax attack comes.

  • Working on the Back 40 at the Cubicle Ranch - Sure, it's a knockoff song...but, it's damn funny. Cubicle gophers of the world, I salute you!

  • Demotivational Posters - You know those "inspiring" piece-of-crap posters that hang on the walls of the sales department like the skins of roadkill squirrel mounted for your pleasure? You know how you just want to punch the boob who hung them? Try hanging one of these instead. The Poobah supports non-violence.

  • And in Other Ahnold News - Ahnold is backing the greenhouse emissions law these days, but we're pretty sure he hasn't given up the Hummer yet. Now there are new toys for him. I wonder if these come in hybrid models?

  • Another Marilyn Chambers Moment - The US had Marilyn Chambers. The Italians had Cicciolina. Now, the Czechs have "Jaimy". Just goes to show you that our right-wingers aren't the only nuts in the world. Oops!

  • It's Raining Pugs - They're ugly. Butt-assed ugly. But, they're appealing in an odd sort of way. Say hello to Napugleon.

  • Mutually Exclusive Words - "Hope" for the PR industry? Does Tony Snowjob wear snowshoes to his press conferences? Go ahead. Skew the data.

  • They Call Them "Tater" - Take a truckload of taters, a mass of grown men with too much time on their hands and money in their pockets, and - viola! - a new "sport" is born.

  • For Those Into Watersports - Guys love 'em. Women wonder about 'em. I have to admit, they're fascinating icons of modern culture...or just plain old pisspots, take your pick.

  • Suri With the Fringe on Top - Based on the just-released photos of Suri, the progeny of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it seems clear they did a little shopping before the big photo shoot.

  • Suri Cruise Part Doo - Not to be outdone by the Hair Club for Young Starlets, Capla Kesting Gallery provided the most precious keepsake a Mother and Father could hope for. I wonder what L. Ron Hubbard's going to give the p'rents?

  • Famous Exhibitionists Throughout History - Bush, Cheney, and Powell at the breakfast table. A truly disturbing image. But wait, there's more!

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Saturday, September 09, 2006

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