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SPAM...SPAM...SPAM...SPAM...SPAM - It's Monty Python meets erectile dysfunction and, it's as close as your kitchen!

Simply Divine - What do Tom Cruise, Michael Moore, Joseph Stalin, and Casanova all have in common? Well yes, they are all well-known loons. But there's also this.

Build It and They Will Cum - Britain will be the home to a different kind of amusement park. Sure, they'll still be plenty of screams and thrills, but there will be no rides and you'll need to be over 18 to, um, amuse yourself. How positively cheeky!

Fits Right, Feels Nice - Women are always complaining about them. Men are sometimes fascinated by them. No, they aren't shoes. Stop by for a test fitting (NSFW).

Meow Kampf - It seems like Donald Rumsfeld may having been hanging around this place a little too often and has started seeing a Reich around every corner.

Praise the Board - Their bodies may be at risk, but their souls are safe.

Donald Trump Caused This - Did you ever wonder why some people look like they have a squashed raccoon on their head? Because they apparently do. Roadkill for the rootless.

Tattoo OOOOO - Did you ever wonder what the world's most vulgar tattoo would look like. I never did until I saw this. Now I'm not so sure I wanted to know after all

Jennifer Beales, Eat Your Heart Out - You just have to love an "underdog battles all the odds and wins" story. This may not be it, but it sure is funny. (Just accept the ccertificate when you see the prompt).

Just Another Toothpaste Conspiracy - One of the biggest search hit generators I have is the phrase "toothpaste conspiracy", but I think this woman is taking it a little bit too far. I recommend the large package of mental floss instead.

Lilliputians of the World Unite - Kommandos Project, eat your heart out.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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