Not to Be Confused With Big Dick Cheney

Katrina hit, the levees failed, and the Prevaricator-in-Chief began his long stumble down in the polls. Months later, the Crescent City is still a tangled mess of uprooted people, wrecked homes, mud-splattered streets, and a still-rickety levee system.

If only Nagin and company had spoken with the Des Moines, IA drainage Czar, the whole thing might have been avoided. Editor & Publisher and the Des Moines Register have reported on the novel and "well-endowed" shape of Des Moines' four-acre floodwater catch basin.

If New Orleans had only copied the design - except perhaps with a little more rigidity - the levees might have been strong enough to hold the flood at bay. At the very least, it would have signaled to Bush - during his post-storm flyby - exactly what the good folks of New Orleans thought about him at the time.

My advice to New Orleans, take two giant Viagra with plenty of water.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Sunday, June 11, 2006

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