Work, Who Needs It?

We have to say right up front that we believe work is one of the most boneheaded concepts ever devised by humankind. If you believe God created humans in His image, then why are we not lounging around on a celestial divan as angels peel grapes and minions from hell cool us with palm frond-shaped fans? Where is our fluffy carpet of clouds? Why aren't we free from want? It seems to us that if you believe in a God, this may very well be the first chink in your defense of them. Man created in the image of God? Bah! More like created in the image of God's mule if you ask us.

Work kills many people, either from the classic mine disaster type ending or from the stress that causes heart attacks in middle age. At best, it wears us down long before we reach the true physical limits of our bodies. If work was a child stroller, the Consumer Product Safety Commission would be recalling it as the most dangerous product ever invented.

Work is scurrilous in other ways too. It's been said that money is the root of all evil and work is the method whereby all but the richest millionaire kids get it. Most of us work an entire lifetime producing crap that is completely useless, except as a convenience. In fact, most things we make don't even take a serious run at utility. Do we really need a million different types of jeans or gell foot pads so we too can "gel like Magellan"? We say let’s go back to the Garden of Eden and be naked. It's cheaper and requires way less work. No shoes, no jelly pads for our feet. It seems a good trade to us.

Like money, work brings on almost as many wars as religion. Country A has a failing economy because it needs oil to keep its factories running and its crap-production up. When they run out, they invade Country B in an attempt to get more. If they just stopped making all the crap no one needs, say Hummers for example, there'd be no need for the oil and no need for the war. They could all get back to the religious warfare that’s been soldiers' and diplomats' bread and butter for eons.

Well, we're fed up and we're not gong to take it anymore! As a species, we need to contemplate how to get out of this fix. True, it requires some of that infamous thinking outside the box, but if we can figure out how we could get around this mess without anyone making the boxes to begin with, we'd all be better off. Clearly, we need to work on a solution!

Damn, there's that work thing again.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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