Let's All Play the Blame Game

Yesterday, Dear Leader blamed an unsophisticated vocabulary for his characterization of the Democrats' Iraq policy as "cut and run". He contends a policy that advocates leaving Iraq "before the job is done sounds like cut and run as far as (he's) concerned" and, "That's cut and run as far as most Americans are concerned. So yeah, (he's) going to continue reminding them (the Democrats) of their words and their votes." One could quibble that his math is a little unsophisticated too, considering only slightly more than a third of Americans still support staying - but hey, maybe he was one of the children left behind at Yale.

Instead, let's remind Baby Doc Bush about the Republicans' use of two of their favorite words - "Blame Game".

Coined by ex-White House spokesman and ace prevaricator Scott McClellan, the Republicans used to pull the phrase out every time anyone dare suggest some small thing might not have gone so splendidly. For example, the response to Katrina. And like a galloping herd of one trick ponies, the Republicans are pulling it out again - in bulk.

Over the past few weeks we've learned that the entire Foley affair was someone else's fault. Depending on who's playing the Blame Game, one or all of these people or groups is to blame:

  • Foley's addiction to demon rum and having been molested by a clergyman as a child.

  • The House pages, who played an ugly prank on poor old butt-pinching Mark.

  • Homosexuals, because, after all, Tom was gay and they are all child predators, aren't they?

  • Any member of the Republican House leadership other than the one currently playing the game.

  • Democrats, who timed the scandal to coincide with the mid-term elections.

  • Any convenient senior staff member for any convenient House leader.

  • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

  • The media, because, after all, they're part of the vast left-wing conspiracy, aren't they?

  • Jon Stewart (or maybe Stephen Colbert, I always get them confused).

  • The page program itself.

  • The Page Board.

  • Ted Kennedy because he "got away" with Chappaquiddick.

  • Bill Clinton.

I didn't make up the next to last one, but sorry, I did make up the last one. But give them time, I'm sure they'll get around to blaming "Master of All That is Past" Bill.

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list. Denny and Co. reveal new perpetrators every time they speak - and you know what they say about politician's lips when they're moving. The "Blame Game" isn't just played with Foleygate game pieces. There's a commemorative set for Condi and the 9/11 attacks, a special edition with a talking Donald Rumsfeld game piece for Iraq, and a complementary game for every grandchild who will be paying off the burgeoning national debt.

I'm sure Czar George would argue - as he has in the past - that he's never made a mistake, but all that finger-pointing sure sounds like a "Blame Game" to me. And statistically speaking, that's the Blame Game, "as far as most Americans are concerned" too.

This game sure looks like fun to watch, I bet it would be just peachy to play. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas, or perhaps, stock in Milton Bradley to profit handsomely from it. But when I get caught for insider training on the MB stock, I'll just blame everyone else.

After all, that's how you play the game, isn't it?

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Thursday, October 12, 2006

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