Mary Cheney has a bun in the oven, Rummy's leaving the building, and Dub is as zany as ever. What the hell, let's have a little randomness!

Vanilla Christ - Remember kids, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Bible.

Once...Twice...Sold! - It's not an auction, but this little game from eBay is fun.

Low-Tech High-Tech - As a former technical writer, maybe it's just me who thinks these things are funny. Can you guess which one I wrote?

Stupid Idea Number 666 - As if kids weren't already prone to pulling the wings off bugs, imagine what'll happen when they spot an ad for Hershey's on this baby.

There's Nothing Like the Classics - And now a word from our sponsor...Leonardo Da Vinci for Nokia!

Tempest in a Coffee Mug - You've got to be one stupendously lazy mofo to require one of these gadgets.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore - I always did think Dorthy and her little dog Toto were a little batty. Now I know why.

Faux Space - What? The real thing isn't annoying enough?

Stop That Before Hair Grows on the Soles of Your Feet - Some things need no explanation. Apparently, this is not one of them.

Fristest With the Mristist - Once a Presidential candidate, now a washed up Senator. Nothing's too good for our boy Bill.

Area 52 Discovered - Why is it that UFOs never land where there are people?

I Guess Pat Paulsen Wasn't Available - Well, he might as well run. The White House is about the only thing on Earth he doesn't already own.

I'm Leaving You for the Rich Corinthian Leather - The Nasonex bee plays around on the side. Don't let this latin lothario break your heart.

Those Burkas Are Really Hot! - I guess sex scandals (SFW) are the same the world over...except for the death by stoning thing.

WWJS? - What would Jesus sing?

It's No Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar - Hunks-a-plenty here ladies - hunks-a-plenty.

The Mouth is Quicker Than the Eye - The master of the slight-of-hand shows his dexterity in new and surprising ways.

Shake It Fat Boy! - It's Christmas, you must learn to accept things like this.

Firey Pits of Hell! - Coyote cast me into the pit, but I'm cool with it - you know, being all omnipotent and shit.

He's So Lifelike - And he makes better decisions too! There's one for our Coalition of the Inept partners too.

Soothing the Savage Beast - And now, let's hear it for The Chins!

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature - Proving yet again what pervs (NSFW sometimes) people are.

Cap'n Dyke's Theme Song - A rousing chorus of the crew's chanty aboard the Mound of Blue Dykes.

He Makes It All Seem So Simple - Where the hell was this dude when I was taking geometry?

Teenage Wasteland - I so love the teenage Tits McGee and all she stands for - beauty, justice, and slaternliness.

A Street Can Never be Too Pretty - At least the Japanese have their priorities straight.

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Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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