Nick Nolte Awakens

For the past week, we've woken up feeling as though we had bathed in a bucket o' chum and seeing the startling visage of Nick Nolte's deranged mug shot starting back at us from the mirror. We shuffled around in a daze, wearing a dirty bathrobe, and gurgling like we had a sucking chest wound. Midweek, Mrs. Poobah began to morph into our diseased twin, finally succumbing to the evil virus that laid His Omnipotence low. Last night the Omnipotent Poobette began to project the unmistakable sound of mucus-in-chest and we now eagerly await the full-fledged onset on the probably-delayed eve of her return to school from Winter Break. It has been a week for the books.

While the will was strong, the flesh was weak. As you can see, we managed a few pitiful little pricks against several pitiful little pricks, but could manage no more. Because of your continued support of your stricken Omnipotence, we soldiered on until we could soldier no more - gratefully recognizing the strong support of those on the home front as we battled an almost unwinnable fight "over there" so we wouldn't have to suffer "over here". You are all true patriots and truly kind souls.

Today, we feel a little better. Gone is the dirty bathrobe and a normally unkempt Nick Nolte stares back from the mirror (not something most people would aspire to, but you get our drift). There is still a tubercular gurgle, but the lung-rending, foundation-rattling cough is now a small tempest instead of a Katrina. In short, we are on the mend.

We're sorry we didn't get to blog much last week. There were so many ripe subjects we'd dearly have loved to tear into. Friend Mary, over at Knock Knock, had proposed a companion to our being a man post that answered the question, "what's it like to be a human". Rebecca, over at Death and Taxes, had a wonderful assignment we had planned to do on detangling identity. Then, there was the usual assortment of scandals, disasters, war, religious issues, global politics, and pop culture happenings. A veritable cornucopia of great stuff and we were in bed coughing up our lung and sprouting mold from our antibiotics. We were also collecting information to file a suit against our wayward driveway contractor; missing a great play, tickets for which we had given Mrs. Poobah for Christmas; and staring through a cough syrup-induced coma at our beloved Tiburones (who thankfully won two).

So we're starting back slowly with this post that doesn't take much thought and we'll try to work ourselves into our normal frenzy as soon as we can.

Be patient our wonderful acolytes. Your faith will be rewarded soon enough.

Yeah, we know. You've heard that somewhere before we'll bet - but we really mean it.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Sunday, January 08, 2006

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