Go Ahead, Pick Up the Bat and Give Him a Smack

It seems that Bushco's Smearer-in-Chief apparently feels he's out of the indictment penalty box and ready for action. In a speech last Friday, Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove laid out his plan to whip the democrats collective ass in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The speech, which was, as always, short on details and long on "the democrats are a bunch of fraidy cat pootieheads" rhetoric, was classic Turd.

The War on Terror? They suck, we rock.

Domestic spying? It's not a minus, it's a plus.

The cloud of indictments hanging over him and several of his cronies? Um, well he wasn't talking about them so much on Friday.

Any honest observer would tell you there was nary a new idea in the whole speech. No details, just the same old "trust me because I'm a good ole boy from Crawford full of sincerity and Bible Belt goodness" schtick.

And the democratic response? Nothing. Bupkis. Nada.

Here Turd is laying out sturdy Louisville Sluggers with which to smack him, and not a single democrat picked up the bat and took a swing for the home team. There is a crisis of leadership my friends and clearly what we need is a someone who will pick up the bat, look into the distant outfield with a steely glint, and point to the fence with the determination of Babe Ruth.

We live in a very dangerous time. It is a time when the power of the executive is growing by leaps and bounds through the use of dubious signing statements, executive fiats, and just plain "the law don't apply to me because I'm the King of Crawford" pronouncements. There is only a shell of check or balance left between the executive and the legislative and judicial branches. And as we speak, King George is working to stack the Supreme Court so pesky judges won't bother him either.

What about the legislative branch you ask? Dub and his pal Blossom are banking that both republican-controlled houses of Congress will continue to vote in favor of their best personal interests and against the interests of the country. No one in Congress votes for the good of the people anymore. They vote to retain their seats and not be eviscerated by some fringe loon.

The canaries in the democracy coal mines have already stopped chirping. The Chimp's dreadnought already seized power in a sort of bloodless coup. He is waging wars against the people's expressed wishes. He is abrogating entire amendments of the Constitution by spying on citizens. He doesn't believe in a right to privacy and has groomed Supreme Court nominees to support that dubious position.

To question is treason. To probe is name calling. If you aren't with me, you're clearly against me. Talk about fear. If anyone is fearful here it's George.

While they prattle on about every single facet of daily life being inextricably bound to the War on Terror, they've convinced a not insignificant number of people that these measures are necessary and that the sky will fall without them. This is truly a scary development.

Fight the terrorists on land.

Fight them on the sea.

But, do exactly what they want when it comes to shredding the Constitution, because you know what? Terror is good for business. The CEO President is a businessman. And everyone knows, what's good for Osama is good for the country.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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