An Incompetent So Good They Hired Him Again

Everyone's seen them, those pictures of a person looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror on into infinity. Watching some of the actions of Blight House this week, the feeling is familiar.

If you'll remember, the poor FEMA response down south has a long history. The original FEMA director, a political hack with no experience and
really bad hair, was replaced by another political hack with no experience and a padded resume. That hack - conveniently testifying before a largely Republican and friendly House committee this morning - quit abruptly, mid-fiasco when things went south in a spectacular way. Using his overflowing font of Presidential wisdom, King George II replaced him with another outstanding candidate, the man responsible for the infamous plastic sheeting and duct tape defense against WMD. That DubyaDubyaDubya.dum fella sure knows how to pick 'em.

If you haven't been watching closely you might imagine that at this point,
Bushco finally got the picture and has stopped hiring cronies for important jobs in his administration. If so, you'd be wrong. Brownie, the one singled out by the Shrubster for doing such a fantastic job, has been hired by FEMA, as get this, a consultant.

Incurious George likes to be called the CEO President and this move certainly qualifies. Captain Corruption did what many CEOs do when they face a crumbling pile of ick - hire a consultant. We're guessing that even the worst of Halliburton's worst would've been a better pick than "Brownie". Perhaps the walking smirk finally smartened up and hired Brownie to tell them what not to do.

So here's to
Brownie. Back on the public dime sharing his expertise with a grateful nation once again.

Brownie, I've got an Arabian horse I'd like you to take a look at. It has a pain in its ass and it looks just like you.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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