A Pickle Wrapped in a Quandary

Some days I start to write and the ideas just flow. Other days it's more like a long, depressing ride on a bumpy road, but I somehow manage to pull something together. Still other days I'm just brain dead. Guess which sort of day I'm having today.

I'm in a bit of a pickle. While I've got several good ideas for a post, none of them is sufficiently interesting to get me going on it. I could write about Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, but everyone's doing that and I hate to follow the pack like some crazed CNN newshound (Doesn't Anderson Cooper just give you the willies?). Besides, the outcome is already set. Turd Blossom will live to lay a live, stinking one another day, like the true manure spreader he is Witness the long and distinguished careers of Rummy, the Big Dick and John "I Never Saw a Breast I Liked" Ashcroft - also known as the man who lost an election to a corpse.

I had a good idea about how, in American business at least, there seems to be a legal place for everyone's interests in a bankruptcy except for the employees. The Top Dogs get the Golden Parachutes. The stockholders get paid before everyone else because they took the "risk" of investing - although it seems to me that part of the "risk" is that you may, duh, lose your money. The government gets their cut because, well, they write the rules. And the biggest and final chunk goes to lawyers who help, or pay, the government write the rules (I bet the lawyers even make money when they go bankrupt). In the end the employees are always last in line, a life savings short and completely powerless to do anything about the massive screwing they were taking in their everyday work life that continued on into the bankruptcy.

I could do another canned Bush rant, but it's just too easy these days.

I thought of a rant on Herr Gropenator, but the Austrian Asshole is even easier than Bush. His approval ratings are in the toilet and with any luck some dumbass will soon raise money to have him recalled.

There's the "Anti" Patriot Act, flag burning and what a dipshit Tom Delay is. I was going to do a Randy Cunningham thing, but he did the right thing and decided to ship out - on in his case defense contractor paid yacht - before it docks at the Alcatraz Yacht Club. Martha Stewart is just pathetic and Bob Dole on erectile dysfunction is just plain wrong.

There's the guy who took the trouble to stop by and chastise me for flying an Australian flag instead of an American one. As he was ripping me for being "unamerican" I asked him about whether the Hawaiian flag I was al flying was unamerican. "Sure is. It ain't part of this country," was his answer. I even thought of writing about "pickles" and "quandaries", but it required too detailed a knowledge of quantum physics and math just isn't my thing.

I suppose I'll just have to take a page from Seinfeld and write a posting about nothing. Hey! Whadda ya know? I'm done.

Truth Told by Omnipotent Poobah, Friday, July 15, 2005

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