Come Streak With Me 2: The Final Chapter

The following clip is from one of the family albums the Omnipotent Dad has been sending me. As the "official" streaking beat reporter for the Kentucky Kernel, I covered the collapse of the streaking fad that had taken the University of Kentucky's campus by storm.

'Chief Streak' Withdraws Support of Record Attempt

March 8, 1984 - UK's premier streaker has struck his colors according to a statement released Thursday.

In an effort to obtain a megaphone to direct a record breaking streak that was to have been held today at the Seaton Center, Streak Chief contacted the Dean of Students Office for assistance.

Instead of a megaphone, he got an interview with Dean Jack Hall and Frank Harris, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

During the 45 minute session, they discussed several topics.

In addition to charges of indecent exposure, which could be leveled against all streakers, Streak Chief learned he was also in a position to be charged with inciting to commit unlawful assembly. As a result, he offered the following statement:

"Because my name is known (by the media and the authorities) and by my actions of the past few days, I have become vulnerable. If I were to appear to rally the crowd, as I had planned, it would be a simple matter to be confronted by authorities. I am pretty well tied into the whole thing. I would be labeled as a conspirator. The law frowns on such things. "Therefore, I have chosen to withdraw my official support and fade from the limelight."

The possibility of formal charges was discussed with Chief Streak because of pressure from UK officials and Lexington residents. "Small streakings can be kind of soft-soaped without a word of complaint because of their spontaneity. What they act on is complaints," Chief Streak said.

"It's mostly a play-by-ear thing. He (Hall) says we're forcing their hand and they could be compelled to take action. It really can't be predicted," Chief Streak said.

"As long as it's spontaneous, he feels it's still all in fun, but here we are organized, and he feels I've taken all the fun out of it. The fact that it is organized seems to make it all a little sinister," the Chief continued.

Streak Chief said, "I just hope people won't think I'm copping out. It's my hope that whatever occurs will be peaceable, non-destructive, and happy."

Bring it On!

The Poobah also appears at Bring it On!

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